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Partner Panel & API Documentation

The Partner Panel and API Documentation allows your B2B customers to communicate with you about new delivery or transportation requests, seamlessly without picking up the phone.

Voucher Printing

Allows merchants to print scannable vouchers with QR & Barcodes in .pdf form. Compatible with any printer type.

Live Parcel Updates

Keep your merchants in the loop on the progress of their order. Eliminate time-consuming phone calls & emails.

Parcel/Asset Tracking History

Give your clients the ability to view each parcel's tracking history, from pickup to final delivery.
ninefleet logistics management software merchant panel

Advanced API Integration

Allow your customers to integrate your system with their ERP/CMS/CRM and offer the flexibility they desire.

Cash on Delivery

Merchants can inform you if a delivery request involves cash collection upon delivery.

Financial Invoicing

Be aligned with your customers regarding which transactions have been covered and which are pending payments.


Operations Control Tower

The Control Tower allows your internal members like dispatchers or fleet managers to monitor and control all live operations via any browser or device.

Live Fleet Monitoring

Monitor where your staff in the field is located so that you know how to delegate tasks properly.

Route Optimization

Our system gives you the ability to cluster your stops on the map and find the most optimal route for your drivers.

Detailed Voucher Tracking

All deliveries are tracked with advanced AI, timestamps & geo-coding to help you take better operational decisions
ninefleet logistics management software control tower

Live Status Updates

Monitor which parcels have been delivered, which have not and which are pending to be managed, LIVE!

Financial Control

Track your fleet's financial activity in real time and stay up to date on both cash and card payments in one panel.

Live Statistics

Visualize your entire operations on pie charts and in numbers for data-driven decision making.


Rider Mobile App

Simply tell your staff members to download the ninefleet mobile app and start assigning them pickup and delivery tasks, while monitoring their progress in real-time.

User-friendly Interface

Minimize training time for your staff on the field by giving them a quick and easy tool to view their tasks and monitor their work.

Organized Route Schedule

Your riders are able to visualize their tasks in an organized and detailed manner.

Cash & Card Payments

Your rider's smartphone turns into a digital wallet and POS machine, capable to accept payments via NFC technology.
ninefleet logistics management software rider app

QR & Barcode Scanner

Allow your rider to scan everything from parcels to warehouse barcodes with our advanced scanning feature.

Live Updates

Anytime your dispatchers make changes, your riders will instantly get notified.

Warehouse Sorting

By downloading the same app, your warehouse staff can easily scan and sort parcels and save time & minimize errors.


End-user Tracking Link

Minimize your customer support by 60% by keeping external stakeholders in the loop and automatically updating them on every change that affects their order, from any device and browser.

Live Status Updates

Whether their parcel is pending pickup, in your hub or simply in transit, your end users have a live view of their delivery.

Delivery details changes

Give your end-users the flexibility to change their delivery address or delivery time.

Proof of Delivery

Say no more to the phrase "You never came". Now your recipients have validated proof that you attempted to deliver.
ninefleet logistics management software live tracking link end user updates

Estimated Delivery Times

Your recipients can now know what time you will be there in 1 or 2 hr time frames.

Live Chat

Minimize phone calls by inserting live chat features in your tracking links.

Proof of Payment

Automatically notify the recipient when you receive card or cash payment for a parcel you delivered and become fully compliant to legislation.

Power your fleet with an Intelligent Orchestration Software

Stay in the loop and centralize your operation's decision making from wherever you are and from any device.
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Intelligent fleet and parcel management solution that ensures quality to your service. Whether you deliver next day, or same-hour our system provides complete visibility over your operations.

About the Solution

Ninefleet’s fleet & parcel management system helps couriers and express services balance out high customer experience while minimizing operational costs through geo-coded & AI-driven deliveries.

First-mile Pickups

Middle-mile Processing

Last-mile Delivery



Drive your operations towards a seamless customer experience. Delight your customers with real-time updates on their orders and monitor the progress of your staff on the field.

About the Solution

Our digital solution transforms your direct-to-consumer operations and drives an unbeatable customer experience, while optimizing your resources on the ground.

Real-time Tracking

Est. Delivery Times

Parcel Dispatch



Delight your customers with an exceptional digital solution that will keep them loyal to your transportation services. Drive your transfer service to the digital era.

About the Solution

Allow your clients to hail your vehicles from a simple web panel, customize transfer times and track the progress of their requests, live. Dispatch your fleet with accuracy, while optimizing operational efficiency.

B2B Hailing Panel

Live Fleet Dispatch

Driver App Control



Optimize your supply chain logistics and track your vehicles on the road. Offer your B2B customers and retailers the ability to monitor the progress of their order. Whether you supply retail stores or technical repair services, dispatch your fleet and assets from anywhere with an internet connection.

About the Solution

Keep your customers in the loop on the progress of their shipments with dynamic tracking. Optimize your supply chain by pre-defining you vehicle fleet’s route, monitoring which orders have arrived and which are still pending to be completed.

Shipment Routing

Warehouse Preparation

Shipment Dispatch



Delegate Tasks to your staff on the field and allow them to report to you seamlessly from one place. Avoid time consuming messages and phone calls and keep downtime to a minimum.

About the Solution

Create pro-active and re-active work orders for your staff and delegate them to the nearest member on the ground. Monitor the progress of your fleet with real-time analytics. Seek for less paper and more answers.

Task Management

Progress Analytics

Live Fleet on the Map



Locate your nearest drivers to a specific location and dispatch them in seconds to serve any type of emergency. Whether you are a vehicle repair, road assistance service or transferring someone to the nearest hospital, our system offers you an end-to-end tracking solution.

About the Solution

Our solution allows your service operators to notify the nearest driver with simple notifications and precise geo-location on where they need to go and what they need to do. The system is flexible to integrate with any kind of ERP, CRM and CMS system in order to keep all information together.

API Integration

Location Precision

Live Agent Dispatch